Education and vocational training

The future of the children is also the future of the country. It is up to us to shape and build this future sustainably.


Donation Information

Recipient: mt:28 BW Bank
IBAN: DE88 6005 0101 0002 1912 54
Purpose of Transfer: AB 191 - Education and Vocational Training

Why school and vocational training?

Going to school, doing homework, writing class tests - for us and our children this is a matter of course, but for many it remains a distant dream. Often, they are children from broken homes who see no future for themselves. We would like to break this vicious circle of poverty and give children a future through school sponsorships. Therefore, we accompany them from kindergarten to university / vocational training.


NSC accompanies the children until they have completed their vocational training or studies. Thereby children from poor and difficult backgrounds are specifically supported. The main focus is to keep the children in their family environment and at the same time to support the family. Therefore, a harmonious cooperation with the parents or guardians is crucial.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for one day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.


Our Work

All sponsored children are included in the program because of their financial hardship. For many parents, often single mothers with three to six children, it is impossible to afford school fees for all children. Since our goal is long-term development aid, our sponsorship places are performance-based. If the child shows great potential, initiative and good school performance, he/she will naturally remain in the program.

The sponsorship should enable a child to attend primary school (Primary 1-7). The primary school leaving certificate then allows the children to transfer to secondary schools (Senior 1-6). Their attendance at secondary schools is a prerequisite for a good apprenticeship (at least Senior 4) and studies (at least Senior 6).

Children in the primary school levels receive approx. 25-35 Euros per month. In the higher levels, about 75 - 100 Euro per month is required. NSC pays the school fees for the children.

School materials, such as pens and books, are financed by the parents. In that way the parents contribute to the education of their children and take an active part in school life. By doing this we avoid the development of a relationship of dependence and create a partnership for the benefit of the child.