Meeting place for children and youth

A place of learning and community. A place of refuge, a retreat, a place of belonging - a second home.


Donation Information

Recipient: mt:28 BW Bank
IBAN: DE88 6005 0101 0002 1912 54
Purpose of Transfer: AB 192 – Social Centre

Why a social centre?

Children and young people are our future. They need protection, time, strength and love. The meeting place should give them a space where they can develop. We may influence the children through values and give them higher goals that go beyond their own advantage.

Kids Camps

Through the Kids Camps we have the unique opportunity to support children and young people of all religions and social classes. New friendships are formed, and boundaries are overcome.

Our passion is the young generation of Uganda. More than 50% of the population is not yet 16 years old. We want to reach these young people and make them understand that God has a brilliant plan for them and their country.

Rhiter & Jonas

Our Work

We create an environment in which the children feel comfortable. They should be able to develop freely, far away from the pressure to perform at school or boarding school, where most Ugandan children grow up. Our program is aimed at children from different social classes. It is important to us that everyone is respected and taken into consideration, because childhood memories are to be created that will still put a smile on their faces years later. The children get a regular daily routine at the Kids Camp, with fixed times to get up and go to bed, breaks, and play and leisure activities. We play, laugh, and engage in devotions together. We want to take the children out of their everyday life and bring them into the Kids Camp, which shapes and changes them. The organisation is carried out in cooperation with about 8-10 local staff members - from the cooks, to the coaches, to the caretakers.