The founders

We are Rhiter and Jonas Wallisser -founders of Nalubaale Social Center (NSC). Together as a family we live in Bukasa near Lake Victoria (which was called Nalubaale before colonisation)

The founders

We are Rhiter and Jonas Wallisser -founders of Nalubaale Social Center (NSC). Together as a family we live in Bukasa near Lake Victoria (which was called Nalubaale before colonisation)

With NSC we want to help the poor and needy population in Uganda in a practical and sustainable approach. Social class, skin colour, tribal origin or family background are not important to us, because we create a place where everyone matters and is welcome.

As a meeting place for children and young people , NSC offers refuge and access to education. Schooling and vocational training are very important to us, as they form the basis for the future of the children. Purposefully we want to nurture them to develop their gifts and talents. Football is one of our activities and not only conveys fundamental values such as fairness and discipline. Football helps people to break out of everyday life and to grow beyond themselves.

Finally, we have made it our goal to lead people to independence and self-sufficiency. We achieve this through the promotion of Start Up`s. Over the past 6 years we have financed and built up various businesses. Faith plays a central role in all this. For we want to live and proclaim God's love in word and action practically.

  • 2010

    Jonas Wallisser travels to Uganda, just after finishing his schooling in Germany, to help in a orphanage for 6 months. Main task is the extension of the sponsorship program for schooling children and helping in the orphanage.
  • 2011

    The first 6 months are soon over and Jonas Wallisser decides to come back just before starting with university to help another 3 months in the orphanage of the same organisation, he gets the funds through some jobs he did during the vacation time.
  • 2012

    The next Africa trip is in northern Kenya in the middle of the desert. It’s the first evangelism meeting Jonas Wallisser is witnessing.
  • 2013

    A University break is utilized in coming back to Kenya and Uganda for 3 months. In the slums of Nairobi the first football tournament for the youth is organised, as well the first start up a dry cleaning workshop that employs two young adults is established.
  • 2014

    Jonas Wallisser graduates from University with a Bachelor of Arts in Vocational Education and English, shortly after the next trip to Uganda is happening. This time its to get to know new organisations and projects. Jonas Wallisser takes a short-term job (one year) with an NGO that takes care of former street children from the slums. Nevertheless, the projects of football tournaments, evangelism and Start Ups are upheld and running.
  • 2015

    Jonas Wallisser joins MT:28 on a unlimited work contract, to enable the projects to continue. Under the leadership the projects are growing steadily, new projects like the school sponsorship for children are founded.
  • 2016

    The family Wallisser is growing Rhiter Nabachwa and Jonas Wallisser get married. They met in 2014 in one of the former streetchildren projects in the slums of Kampala.
  • 2017

    First outreaches in Tanzania and Rwanda are taking place, the projects and mostly the football ministry is very welcomed and embraced in the whole of East Africa.
  • 2018

    More outreaches are happening in places of crisis. Different parts of Uganda and Kenya that have been affected by tribal fights, religious disputes or natural disasters are selected to benefit from the football ministry and Start Up´s. As well the first football Kids Camps is taking place. With that in line the search for appropriate land is underway to establish more Kids Camps in future.
  • 2019

    More outreaches in refugee camps in northern Uganda are going on, through the war in South Sudan more the one million people have been fleeing to Uganda for refuge. The second football kids camps is taking place with a good increase of children attending.
  • 2020

    Registration of NSC (Nalubaale Social Center). Unfortunately, most of the projects cant run as usual due to the corona pandemic. Many Corona Relief projects are initiated, as distribution of food bags and farming projects.